The P.A.Z.NIA Monero Department

home of the P.A.Z.NIA GENERAL MONERO FUND and the (coming) P.A.Z.NIA MONERO MINES

*Stipulations for P.A.Z.NIA General Monero Fund are the same as the Bitcoin Fund.

1. The P.A.Z.NIA Monero General Fund

Mission: to provide mutual aid to P.A.Z.NIANs and self-liberators, for the development & maintenance of the Second Realm.

A Mutual Aid Fund

Helping other self-liberators in need, whether legally, financially, or emotionally.

Developing The Second Realm

Food self-sufficiency funds, crypto-anarchy projects, & publishing costs for freedom-oriented books, to name a few uses.

Monero For Vetted P.A.Z.NIANs

Any vetted self-liberator is encouraged to apply for funds. Email: [email protected].



Monero is more private by default, and so may be more user-friendly for some. Pseudonyms encouraged.

Not Intended For…

The funding of ANY State activities, political crusades, or as a welfare program/crutch.

“What about the poor…”

We live by example by taking care and supporting our own.