“Every vonuan a publisher. Those that can write well, write; those that can’t, edit.” –Tom Marshall (Rayo)

The P.A.Z.NIA Library

The P.A.Z.NIA Library is the coming resource/archive hub to the digital & physical Second Realms: self-liberational media, podcast archives, Milton William Cooper’s full library, informational guides, & more.

Self-Liberational Media

Guides & resources to help you on your journey of liberation: topics include processing/butchering, butter & cheeses, permaculture, liberated lifestyles, crypto-anarchy tutorials, & more!

Podcast/Video Archives

Full archives of The Vonu Podcast, documentaries, videos, & more, preserved for posterity!

A Second Realm Printing Press…

The P.A.Z.NIA Library will first start in the digital space, but at some point, we would love to begin printing these to physical books & mediums. Consider it a decentralized Library of Alexandria.