[a list of P.A.Z.NIA frequently asked questions]

A: “Paz” in Spanish means “peace,” which is the fundamental life principle of P.A.Z.NIA; it is also the abbreviation for the freedom strategy of building permanent autonomous zones.

A: Freedom Cells are an organizational model, wherein a small group of individuals (~10) meets/coordinates for whatever purposes they agree upon (i.e. survivalism chats, workshops, firearms training, building an intentional community, etc.). These freedom cells together form a network of sorts, but a less organized and comprehensive vision than that of P.A.Z.NIA.

Further, integration with other freedom cells is wholly optional, whereas individuals/homesteads that join the P.A.Z.NIA network will do so with the purpose of being a part of it (whether as a node for fellow self-liberators or as, say, a partner in the seed exchange).

A: Security culture is the direct application of the right to privacy.

A: The servile society/First Realm is becoming more and more unsafe for self-liberators/free thinkers. A pseudonym provides you with the ability to maintain additional privacy/anonymity while still building up a reputation of sorts, separate from your chosen/give name(s).

A: All visitors must be vetted according to internal procedures of the P.A.Z.NIA Department of Freedom.

Anyone can become an HONORARY STEAKholder, but FOUNDING STEAKholders must be vetted/approved. We appreciate support from anyone, anywhere, but have to do things this way to ensure these Second Realms are maintained.

A: The passports look strikingly legitimate and have been used to purchase age-restricted items in the USSA from a gas station. That said, they are for culture jamming purposes, no further uses are intended, though appreciated (let us know!).

A: As of the time of writing (July 2021), we are getting closer to our goal of achieving food self-sufficiency. We have four garden/permaculture zones; a lot of lambs and goats; chickens/ducks/turkeys in the P.A.Z.NIA Bird Shanty; we will be starting to harvest honey from our own hives soon, and will shift some focus in 2022 towards further disconnecting from Babylon/the servile society (i.e. off-grid energy, Second Realm healthcare, etc.).

A: The long term goal is an intentional community on the property with the appropriate number of families/individuals, as well as the overarching integration into the Second Realm/P.A.Z.NIA network. Beyond that, please check out the website or the 2021/2022 STEAKholder Bulletin for more details.

A: Veritas is the first free Second Realm (“outpost”/”city”) in the first free country (P.A.Z.NIA)!

A: Declare your independence from whatever authoritarian jurisdiction you find yourself in and start building an autonomous zone upon a foundation of peace and voluntaryism! Beyond that, get creative & think big! No, bigger! The only limitations in this realm are your imagination. Please feel free to use Veritas or other nodes for inspiration!

Have your own to add? Email [email protected] or find us in the P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence Telegram chat.

This website is owned and operated by The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA. Taxation is theft, and the servile society is slavery.