The P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Department

The P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Department home of the P.A.Z.NIA GENERAL BITCOIN FUND and the P.A.Z.NIA BITCOIN MINES Check out PAZ02 (filed 20210207) 1. The P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin General Fund Mission: to provide mutual aid to P.A.Z.NIANs and self-liberators, for the development & maintenance of the Second Realm. A Mutual Aid Fund Helping other self-liberators in need, whether legally, financially, or emotionally. Developing The Second Realm Food self-sufficiency funds, crypto-anarchy projects, & publishing costs for freedom-oriented books, to name a few uses. Bitcoin For Vetted P.A.Z.NIANs Any vetted self-liberator is encouraged to apply for funds. Email: [email protected]. Privacy-Focused Funds are CoinJoined within Samourai … Continue reading The P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Department